Former Union Boss Begins Racketeering and Conspiracy Trial

Trial Begins for Former Ironworkers Union Leader for Racketeering and Conspiracy On Monday, January 5th, a former Union boss for the Ironworkers Local 401 in Philadelphia went to trial for federal charges including intimidation, racketeering and conspiracy. Other defendants in the case opted to a plea deal, so “the Don” will stand trial alone. According to federal prosecutors, 73-year-old Joseph Dougherty created “goon squads” within the ironworkers’ union, which he used to threaten builders, smash beams, and burn down jobsites if potential … [Read more...]

Investors Receive Money from 3 Hebrew Boys Scam

Scam Victims Receiving Restitution in 3 Hebrew Boys Aftermath On Wednesday, October 8th, US Attorney Bill Nettles reported that former investors in the 3 Hebrew Boys scam will begin to receive their part of $19 million, which hopefully is the third of many rounds of restitutions for the scam victims. The first round went out in May 2012, and the second went out in June 2013. Around 3,800 checks were mailed to the former investors, Nettles said in a news release, which gives the victims about 46 cents to every dollar they lost. The three … [Read more...]

“The Situation” and Brother Plead Not Guilty to Tax Fraud Charges

Reality Star “The Situation” and Brother Plead Not Guilty to Tax Fraud Charges Michael Sorrentino, famous under the moniker “The Situation” on MTV’s popular reality show “Jersey Shore,” and his brother Marc Sorretino, pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges and conspiracy – serious federal charges – on Wednesday, September 24th. The brothers were indicted on federal charges for allegedly failing to pay income taxes on $8.9 million earned through The Situation’s promotional activities. “Jersey Shore” ran from 2009 to 2012, and showcased … [Read more...]

Lexington County Sheriff Indicted on Bribery, Wire Fraud Charges

Sheriff Metts Indicted on Federal Charges of Bribery, Wire Fraud South Carolina’s longest-serving sheriff has been indicted on federal charges, including wire fraud and bribery, making him the 8th sheriff in the last 4 years to face federal charges or an investigation in the state. According to US Attorney Bill Nettles, 68-year-old Lexington County Sheriff James Metts faces 10 charges of accepting bribes, as well as federal charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. The 28-page indictment states that Metts allowed friends to buy favors, … [Read more...]

Strippers in Connection with Credit Card Scam Face Federal Charges

Criminal Ring of Adult Entertainers Face Federal Charges for Credit Card Theft Federal authorities arrested four women in connection with a scam ring made up of adult entertainers in New York City, who stole credit card information, drugged their clients, and ran up extravagant bills. The women face several federal charges, including grand larceny and conspiracy. Samantha Barbash, 40, Roselyn Keo, 29, Marsi Rosen, 28, and Karina Pascucci, 26, were four of the ringleaders involved in the credit card scam. Barbash, Keo, and Rosen were … [Read more...]

Two Face Federal Charges in $17 Million Drug Scam

Two Men Indicted on Federal Charges for $17 Million Drug Scam The two operators of a drug supply company in Great Neck, New York, were arrested on federal charges on Wednesday, April 30th, for their roles in a multimillion dollar medical device and drug scam. William Scully, 45, and Rodi Lameh, 40, were charged for selling more than $17 million worth of misbranded or counterfeit medical devices and drugs, including fake cancer drugs and birth control. Both men pleaded not guilty to the federal charges stemming from the 73-count … [Read more...]

Former New Orleans Mayor Convicted on Federal Charges

Corruption Investigation Lands New Orleans Mayor Convicted on Federal Charges On Wednesday, February 12th, former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin was convicted on 20 out of 21 federal charges, including bribery and conspiracy, during his two-terms as mayor from 2002-2010. Along with Nagin, seven contractors and city officials have also been convicted on federal charges for accepting kickbacks and bribes in exchange for city business. Although many of his charges involved alleged mishandling of contractors during Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, … [Read more...]

“Revenge Porn King” Arrested on Federal Charges for Hacking, Identity Theft

“Revenge Porn” Website Tycoon and Associate Arrested on Federal Charges The former owner of notorious revenge porn website IsAnyOneUp.com and his hacker associate were arrested on federal charges on Thursday, January 23rd. Hunter Moore, 27, and Charles Evens, 25, were arrested by the FBI on charges of hacking, conspiracy, and identity theft. Until 2012, Moore ran a very successful revenge porn site that encouraged angry exes to submit nude photos of their former girlfriends. The site published the photos along with Facebook profiles and … [Read more...]

Rock Hill Hells Angels to be Sentenced for RICO Crimes

Several Members of Infamous Hells Angels Gang Will Be Sentenced for RICO Violations On Thursday, May 9th, a federal court in South Carolina will sentence 5 of the 15 guilty members of Rock Hill Hells Angels, after a lengthy investigation into drug sales, gun running, conspiracy, and RICO violations. Prosecutors proved, in a US District Court in Columbia, earlier this year that the Hells Angels constituted a gang, and could be prosecuted under RICO laws. Twenty gang members – associates of the Rock Hell Nomads chapter, and the smaller Red … [Read more...]

Lee County Ex-Sheriff Convicted by Federal Jury

Lee County Ex-Sheriff E.J. Melvin was convicted of more than 30 drug conspiracy and racketeering charges, according to Fox News. Melvin was arrested in May of this year after the FBI obtained several wire tap recordings which showed Melvin was planning to organize a drug bust, take possession of the drugs, and then redistribute them. Melvin's attorney Jack Swerling stated that Melvin was playing along with undercover agents in an effort to protect his confidential informants. He further stated witnesses for the prosecution could not be … [Read more...]