“The Situation” and Brother Plead Not Guilty to Tax Fraud Charges

Reality Star “The Situation” and Brother Plead Not Guilty to Tax Fraud Charges

tax fraud chargesMichael Sorrentino, famous under the moniker “The Situation” on MTV’s popular reality show “Jersey Shore,” and his brother Marc Sorretino, pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges and conspiracy – serious federal charges – on Wednesday, September 24th.

The brothers were indicted on federal charges for allegedly failing to pay income taxes on $8.9 million earned through The Situation’s promotional activities.

“Jersey Shore” ran from 2009 to 2012, and showcased the antics of five 20-somethings at a beach house on the Jersey Shore. Michael Sorrentino insisted on being referred to as “The Situation” while cast on the show.

The Wednesday federal charges hearing lasted only 7 ½ minutes, and the two brothers both pleaded not guilty to tax fraud and conspiracy charges. Prosecutors stated that they believed the Sorrentinos had fraudulently claimed millions of dollars in personal expenses as business expenses, such as purchases of luxury cars and designer clothes.

Their nearly $9 million was primarily received by two companies that the brothers own, MPS Entertainment and Situation Nation.

“Rather than living in reality and reporting their true income, Michael Sorrentino and his brother Marc created the illusion that they earned less income by filing false and fraudulent tax returns,” said Jonathan D. Larsen, acting special agent in charge, IRS-Criminal Investigation, Newark Field Office.

The federal indictment alleges that the pair accepted income not only for television and personal appearances, but also from a vodka company, an online clothing business that the two reportedly owned, publication of an autobiography, plus a comic book featuring The Situation as a superhero. Michael Sorrentino also reportedly had income from promoting vitamins, jewelry, clothing, DVDs, and high-end sunglasses. He was also hired to make personal appearances at night clubs, bars, and liquor stores.

The brothers were released on a $250,000 bond each, and their next court appearance for an arraignment on the conspiracy and tax fraud charges will be October 6th.

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