8 Arrested in Felony Lane Gang Case

8 Members of Felony Lane Gang Arrested on Criminal Charges, More Could Be Extradited from Florida On Tuesday, October 8th, Sheriff Leon Lott and SLED announced that, so far, eight members of the notorious Felony Lane Gang have been arrested on criminal charges. The group is comprised of several men and women, based in Florida, who have been charged with breaking into vehicles, stealing checks, IDs, and credit and debit cards. They then take stolen checks to bank drive-thrus, disguised as the victim, and take money out of the victim’s … [Read more...]

Bizarre New York Cannibalism Trial Questions Criminal Charges’ Validity

Man on Trial for Cannibalism Plot Might Not Deserve Criminal Charges of Conspiracy A New York police officer is on trial in federal court for criminal charges claiming he conspired with a man in Pakistan to sexually assault, kill, and eat women. If Valle is convicted, he faces life in prison. Reportedly, officer Gilberto Valle spent hours on violent fetish websites. When his 27-year-old wife, Kathleen  Mangan-Valle, discovered his web browsing history, she fled from their home in Queens with their infant daughter, and turned a computer … [Read more...]