Jesse Jackson Jr Asks to Serve Sentence for Embezzlement First

After Embezzlement Ruling, Jackson Jr Asks to Serve Sentence Before Wife On Monday, June 17th, Jesse Jackson Jr asked a federal judge if he could serve his embezzlement prison sentence before his wife, Sandi, for the sake of their children. In February, the couple pled guilty to federal charges of embezzlement. Jackson and his wife took $750,000 from Jackson’s Congressional campaigns over seven years, and reportedly spent the money on living expenses and personal items including fur capes, elk heads, and stuffed animals. “For years I … [Read more...]

Bank Fraud Stopped by South Carolina Law Enforcement

Richland County Deputies Stop a Bank Fraud Scam An alleged bank fraud operation that cost three local banks $20,000 has been stopped by a special Richland County Sheriff’s Department financial crimes unit. Seven suspects, including most of the bank fraud scam’s ringleaders, have been arrested and formally charged with forgery, bank fraud, and related offenses, according to Sheriff Leon Lott. Another 16 suspects are on the loose. According to officials, the bank fraud scam preyed on low-income people. Ringleaders recruited these people to … [Read more...]

Arrest Warrant Issued for Mentoring Agency Head Charged with Wire Fraud

Former Head of Defunct Mentoring Agency Charged with Wire Fraud, Fails to Contact Probation Officer On Monday, April 29th, a federal judge issued an arrest warrant after the former head of a youth mentoring agency, who has been charged with wire fraud and Medicaid fraud, failed to check in with his probation officer. He also failed to appear at a status conference hearing in Charleston, SC on Monday. Norman Lewis ran a for-profit company called Helping Hands Youth and Family Services (not affiliated with charity organizations of the same … [Read more...]

Columbia Man Sentenced for False Tax Returns for Bloods Gang

SC Man Sent to Prison for Preparing and Filing False Tax Returns for the Bloods A Columbia, SC man was sentenced on Tuesday, April 16th, in federal court for preparing and filing false tax returns for the South Carolina branch of the Bloods gang. Daion Ali Bowers, 27, received $1.2 million in fraudulent tax returns, which he filed from a home computer and distributed to the gang through pre-paid credit cards, or split the money with those who provided personal information. Bowers is not a member of the Bloods, nor is he an accountant. … [Read more...]