13-Year California Ponzi Scheme Comes to an End

Elderly Ponzi Scheme Runners Face 80 Years in Prison

Ponzi SchemeTwo elderly San Fernando Valley residents have been convicted for running a Ponzi scheme for 13 years, which netted them $100 million, and now potentially 80 years in prison.

Joel Barry Gillis, 74, and Edward Wishner, 76, face up to 80 years in prison each for the Ponzi scheme charges. Both men pleaded guilty in federal court to two counts of mail fraud, one count of wire fraud, and conspiracy charges related to their long-running and very successful Ponzi scheme.

Investors in the Ponzi scheme were told that their money would go to new ATM machines through their fraudulent business, Nationwide Automated Systems Inc. The two defendants convinced many buyers that the machines were worth between $12,000 and $19,800 a pop. The men claimed that investors would receive $0.50 per ATM transaction, with an annual return of 20%, by placing the ATMs in high-traffic locations such as hotels, casinos, and convenience stores. The men claimed that NASI operated 30,000 ATMs nationally, and received $1 billion in ATM transactions each month.

The Ponzi scheme netted 2,000 investors over its 13 years of operation, and even at a low point in the scheme last year, when the defendants bounced $3 million in fraudulent checks, they received $4 million in new investors.

In response to hundreds of calls from investors, Gillis and Wishner “falsely sought to reassure the victim-investors that NASI was only suffering from accounting problems and technical delays relating to system upgrades, and that timely payment of investor returns would likely resume by the beginning of October 2014,” according to court papers.

The defendants will be sentenced for the federal charges related to their Ponzi scheme on March 30th.

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