8 Arrested in Felony Lane Gang Case

8 Members of Felony Lane Gang Arrested on Criminal Charges, More Could Be Extradited from Florida

felony lane gangOn Tuesday, October 8th, Sheriff Leon Lott and SLED announced that, so far, eight members of the notorious Felony Lane Gang have been arrested on criminal charges.

The group is comprised of several men and women, based in Florida, who have been charged with breaking into vehicles, stealing checks, IDs, and credit and debit cards. They then take stolen checks to bank drive-thrus, disguised as the victim, and take money out of the victim’s account. The group targeted parking lots of gyms, health clubs, tanning salons, amusement parks, and sporting events – anywhere that purses or wallets might be in plain sight.

Courtney Walker, 25, Casey Goings, 22, Byron Robinson, 27, Walter James Tillman, 25, Donnie Dinkins, 26, Tavares Mills, 26, Kimberly Brogdon, 29, and Brandily Kersey, 27, have officially been charged for vehicle break-ins, bank fraud, and criminal conspiracy. Although the charges are at the state level right now, Sheriff Lott said there has been discussion about possible federal charges.

The Felony Lane Gang has worked across the United States for 10 years.

Lexington Police Chief Terrence Green said that he and his investigators were able to track the Columbia incarnation of the Felony Lane Gang to a motel off Garners Ferry Road in June. All but one of the gang members at the time escaped in a chase, Green said. In May and June, the Lexington County Police Department reported more than 30 automobile break-ins, but since the gang fled town, the number of break-ins has plummeted.

A multi-agency task force was set up in 2012 after the first signs of the Felony Lane Gang appeared. Bank tellers began noticing stolen funds being deposited into local accounts, which belonged to members of the gang. Sheriff Lott said that the gang generated up to $12,000 a day in stolen funds.

Felony Lane Gang’s Operations

According to reports, the Felony Lane Gang is mostly male members, primarily in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area, who recruit women in Florida who will work for a small percentage of the criminal profits, usually about 10%. Once a group of women has been recruited, the group arrives in a targeted area and the men immediately begin breaking into cars to steal identities and bank information. With identification, the men then purchase disguises for the women in the gang, who go to drive-thru tellers and cash stolen checks and use stolen bank cards.

The gang received the name Felony Lane Gang because the women will choose the farthest drive-thru area to avoid detection by the tellers on duty.

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