Brett Parker and Family Faces Federal Illegal Gambling Charges

shutterstock_94470721After Infamous Double Homicide Trial, Brett Parker, His Father, and Associates Face Federal Charges for Illegal Gambling Operation

Brett Parker might now be in state prison for the double homicide of his wife and best friend, but the tough times for his family are just beginning – he, his father, and some former associates face federal prison for an illegal gambling operation.

Parker’s arrest for the double homicide brought to light another serious problem: a massive illegal gambling ring in South Carolina, spanning Columbia, West Columbia, and Lexington.

Parker was recently sentenced to two consecutive terms of life in prison for the murder of his wife, Tammy Parker, and his illegal gambling associate and best friend, Bryan Capnerhurst. However, Parker has not yet stood trial for his federal crimes.

Parker, along with his father Jack Parker, and a third man, Douglas E. Taylor, all face federal illegal gambling charges, and will go to trial later in the summer. Investigators are now trying to seize Jack Parker’s Lake Murray property, and Brett Parkers’ parents bank account.

Earlier this month, US District Court Judge Cameron McGowan issued a restraining order to prevent Jack and Linda Parker – Brett Parker’s parents – from selling their waterfront property, and cashing out a $67,302 certificate of deposit with First Citizen’s Bank. According to Richland County tax records, the property at Lake Murray has a value of over $520,000.

Per court documents, if Jack Parker is convicted for his illegal gambling charges, the couple will have to forfeit the property and bank account. Linda Parker, however, has not been indicted or charged.

All three men were indicted on federal illegal gambling charges in February. As part of the murder investigation last April, Parker admitted that he was a bookie and had a gambling problem, which led the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to contact the US Secret Service. They launched an investigation into Brett Parker’s history illegal gambling history, and uncovered a massive ring based out of Parker’s Irmo house, along with a branch in Lexington. Allegedly, Jack Parker owned a sports betting ring for years with his son, but they had a falling-out and Brett started his own branch. Taylor, the third man to stand trial this summer, allegedly worked for Jack Parker taking bets.

Earlier this year, three other Midlands bookies were arrested and pleaded guilty to illegal gambling charges. Other members of the ring have been named, but not arrested or charged.

Under federal law, an illegal gambling business must involve five or more people, operate for more than 30 consecutive days and have a gross revenue of $2,000 in any single day.

If found guilty, Jack and Brett Parker would owe the federal government $1 million each in forfeitures. However, because of the double homicide case, Brett Parker does not have any assets – his upscale Irmo home, which he owned with his wife, is under foreclosure, and Tammy Jo Parker’s $1.1 million retirement and life insurance payouts were put in trust funds for the couple’s two children.

Meanwhile, Brett Parker’s defense lawyers are beginning the appeal process for the double homicide case.

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