First Witness in Federal Illegal Gambling Trial Testifies

First Witness in Brett Parker Illegal Gambling Operation Trial Says He Gave Money to Parker’s Wife A gambler who placed bets with Brett Parker’s illegal gambling ring testified to a federal jury on Monday, September 16th, that he handed his gambling money to Brett Parker’s wife, Tammy. Harold “Hal” Saxby started placing bets with Brett Parker after the two met at a fantasy football draft in 2006. Saxby testified that he lost somewhere between $100,000 and $130,000 to Parker’s illegal gambling operation over the years, and to settle those … [Read more...]

Illegal Gambling Operation Judge Hears Motions in Trial

Judge Rules on Motions in Illegal Gambling Operation Trial Against Brett Parker The man who received life in prison for the double homicide of his wife and best friend/business partner appeared in court again for federal charges related to his illegal gambling operation, which he allegedly ran with his father. Several motions have been filed in the federal illegal gambling operation case against Brett Parker and his father, Jack. On Thursday, August 8th, Judge Cameron Currie ruled on several of them. Defense attorneys filed a motion that … [Read more...]

Victim Tammy Parker May Have Helped Run Illegal Gambling Operation

Brett Parker’s Late Wife Budgeted for His Illegal Gambling Money, Prosecutors Say As the federal trial against Brett Parker’s illegal gambling operation moves forward, some evidence suggests that Tammy Jo Parker, Parker’s late wife whom he was recently convicted for murdering, may have known about the business, and could have participated in it. The evidence in question is the Parkers’ household budget, handwritten on calendars by Tammy Parker, with a line item to allegedly factor in her husband’s winnings from his illegal gambling … [Read more...]

Brett Parker and Family Faces Federal Illegal Gambling Charges

After Infamous Double Homicide Trial, Brett Parker, His Father, and Associates Face Federal Charges for Illegal Gambling Operation Brett Parker might now be in state prison for the double homicide of his wife and best friend, but the tough times for his family are just beginning - he, his father, and some former associates face federal prison for an illegal gambling operation. Parker’s arrest for the double homicide brought to light another serious problem: a massive illegal gambling ring in South Carolina, spanning Columbia, West Columbia, … [Read more...]