Columbia Man Sentenced for False Tax Returns for Bloods Gang

shutterstock_134873372SC Man Sent to Prison for Preparing and Filing False Tax Returns for the Bloods

A Columbia, SC man was sentenced on Tuesday, April 16th, in federal court for preparing and filing false tax returns for the South Carolina branch of the Bloods gang.

Daion Ali Bowers, 27, received $1.2 million in fraudulent tax returns, which he filed from a home computer and distributed to the gang through pre-paid credit cards, or split the money with those who provided personal information.

Bowers is not a member of the Bloods, nor is he an accountant. However, he worked closely with Tashanda “Big Mama Blood” Parker, who is a member of the Bloodettes, a female affiliate gang. Together, they recruited people to give their personal information to Bowers so he could file false tax returns. Members of the Gangsta Killer Bloods were among those who provided information.

In 2011, Bowers filed over 600 false tax returns, claiming $2.5 million in refunds. About $1.2 million of the refunds were paid out, so Bowers made a lot of money from the false tax returns scheme.

Bowers has been sentenced by a federal jury to more than 5 years in prison, and must repay $1.2 million in restitution funds. According to US Attorney JD Rowell, Bowers pled guilty in January to charges of wire fraud conspiracy.

Parker has also pled guilty to charges of wire fraud conspiracy, as well as racketeering. She awaits sentencing, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

False Tax Returns Are White Collar Crime

According to the IRS website, common forms of tax abuse include filing false tax returns, “home” tax businesses, trust, and off-shore schemes. Sometimes, businesses or individuals will use tax exempt organizations, such as nonprofit organizations, as fronts for tax evasion.

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The Strom Law Firm Can Help With Charges for False Tax Returns

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