Leland Yee Pleads Not Guilty to New Money Laundering Federal Charges

Former California State Senator Leland Yee Pleads Not Guilty to 2 New Money Laundering Federal Charges

money laundering federal chargesAfter his arrest last spring, former Democratic California state Senator Leland Yee has pleaded not guilty to barrage of federal charges, including bribery and gun running, with the assistance of notorious San Francisco mobster “Shrimp Boy” Chow. On February 4th, Yee’s indictment saw two new money laundering federal charges, for which the former Senator has also pleaded not guilty.

The revised indictment features a total of 230 federal charges for 27 defendants. Because of the size and complexity of the case, the judge said he would hold two separate trials. Yee and three co-conspirators are scheduled to go to trial on the federal charges in June this year.

Yee himself now faces a total of 13 federal charges, including money laundering federal charges, corruption, and racketeering.

The latest money laundering federal charges allege that on July 16th, 2013, Yee and his former campaign consultant Keith Jackson attempted to deposit three checks, totaling $12,600, into Yee’s account with Wells Fargo which held his contributions to his secretary of state campaign. The revised indictment alleges that the two deposited the checks knowing that they “represented the proceeds” of unlawful activities.

Another of the new federal charges alleges that Yee and Jackson deposited two other checks for $3,000 into the same account in March of that year, and the funds had a similar origin. The donors have not been indicted, because the money was allegedly tied to a “donation” made by an undercover agent that was tied to a $6,800 account for illegal military-grade weapons purchases.

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