WWII Vet Sentenced in Federal Conspiracy Cocaine Case

Elderly Man Who Ran Cocaine Receives Sentence in Federal Conspiracy Case On his 90th birthday, an elderly Indiana resident who pleaded guilty last year to serving as a drug mule for a cocaine cartel has been sentenced for federal conspiracy charges. Leo Sharp, 90 years old on May 7th, was sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling more than 1 ton of cocaine into Michigan on behalf of a Mexican drug cartel. "All I can tell you, your honor, is I'm really heartbroken I did what I did," Leo Sharp told a judge. "But it's done." Sharp … [Read more...]

Elderly Drug Mule Pleads Guilty in Federal Conspiracy Case

89-Year-Old Caught Smuggling Drugs Pleads Guilty in Larger Federal Conspiracy Case On Tuesday, October 8th, in a move that will spare him from standing trial, an 89-year-old who worked as a drug mule for one of the most notorious Mexican drug cartels has pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges. Leo Sharp, from Michigan City, Indiana, appeared in front of the court just a week before his official trial was set to begin. He admitted his involvement in a smuggling operation, bringing 228 pounds of cocaine across the country for Mexico’s … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday Counterfeit Arrests

South Carolina Federal Defense Attorneys For the past several months, the Federal Government has been cracking down on online counterfeit product sales.  The results of the ongoing investigation were announced on Cyber Monday, revealing that over 350 websites have been seized since June 2010. Although these knock-off items may be easy on your wallet and look as good as the real thing, willful copyright infringement is a Federal crime. Immigration and Customs enforcement Director John Morton announced Monday that the government has shut … [Read more...]