SC Man Faces Federal Gun Charges in DC

South Carolina Man Took A Gun Into a Federal Building, Now Faces Federal Gun Charges Police in Washington, DC arrested a South Carolina resident on federal gun charges after he attempted to take a gun into an office building on Capitol grounds. Ronald William Prestage, 59, has been charged with carrying a pistol without a license, and carrying a weapon outside a home or office, which is a federal crime. Washington, DC does not recognize concealed carry permits from other states, and does not issue its own concealed carry permits. Any weapon … [Read more...]

Preacher Sentenced for SC Ponzi Scheme Faces SC Felon in Possession Charges

SC Preacher Sentenced for SC Ponzi Scheme Now Faces Gun Charges A preacher for an Aynor Baptist Church could face criminal gun charges after attempting to bring a gun into a federal courthouse where he was scheduled to receive his sentence for conducting a Ponzi scheme. Reportedly, US Marshalls found the gun inside a bag that Archie LaRue Evans, 43, attempted to bring inside the McMillan Federal Building in Florence before his sentencing hearing on Ponzi scheme charges, which he pleaded guilty to last January. Evans is now expected to face … [Read more...]

Five Points Shooter Pleads Guilty to Federal Gun Charges

Man Who Paralyzed USC Student Pleads Guilty to Federal Gun Charges The 21-year-old Columbia resident who accidentally shot and paralyzed a 19-year-old USC student last fall appeared in federal court on Wednesday, February 19th, and pleaded guilty to federal gun charges. Michael Juan Smith faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted on the charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, which is a federal offense. Smith faces several charges related to the accidental shooting of Martha Childress, a 19-year-old USC student who was in … [Read more...]