Federal Racketeering Charges Trial Begins in Atlanta Public Schools Case

Cheating Scandal Leads to Federal Racketeering Charges for  Defendants in Atlanta Public Schools Trial Over one year after 35 educators, test administrators, and principals in the Atlanta Public School System were linked to a massive cheating scam to change students’ test scores, 12 of those accused are now standing trial on federal racketeering charges. Prosecutors allege that the Atlanta Public Schools testing scam dates back as far as 2005, when school administrators began to put pressure on teachers and test administrators to change … [Read more...]

Leland Yee Pleads Not Guilty to Racketeering Charges

Former California Senator Pleads Not Guilty to Racketeering Charges Former California state senator Leland Yee, arrested on charges of bribery and gun running, faced new federal charges for racketeering and other RICO violations on Friday, July 25th. On Thursday, July 31st, he pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges. Yee previously pleaded not guilty to the other federal charges, including bribery, corruption, and arms trafficking, in which federal investigators worked undercover, posing as businessmen and gun runners. He allegedly … [Read more...]

White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to RICO Charges

Leader of Aryan Nation Pleads Guilty to RICO Charges The leader of the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas has pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, or RICO, charges that included murder, kidnapping, and drug trafficking. On Friday, March 7th, Larry Max Bryan, who goes by the nickname “Slick,” pleaded guilty to RICO charges in federal court in Houston. He faces up to 25 years in prison for his crimes. According to the RICO filings, he orchestrated several crimes from prison. The 52-year-old RICO suspect has spent all but 5 years of his adult … [Read more...]

RICO Charges Filed Against PA Ironworkers Union

Ten Members of Pennsylvania Ironworkers Union Arrested on RICO Charges Ten members of the a Philadelphia-area ironworkers union have been arrested on RICO charges including racketeering and arson to coerce building contractors to hire them over non-union workers. Federal prosecutors said they had arrested 10 of the union’s business officials and members on RICO charges on Tuesday, February 18th. United States Attorney Zane David Memeger announced the indictment of Joseph Dougherty, the union’s Financial Secretary and Business Manager had … [Read more...]

“Goodfellas” Mobsters Arrested on RICO Charges for 1978 Lufthansa Heist

Criminals Who Inspired “Goodfellas” Arrested on RICO Charges Related to Lufthansa Heist in 1978 Five men believed to be mobsters have been arrested by federal authorities on RICO charges related to a 1978 heist of a Lufthansa flight at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The heist landed the gang members around $5 million in cash, and $1 million in jewels, which is worth about $20 million today. The December 11th, 1978 heist was one of the largest cash thefts in US history, and was referenced in the 1990 film “Goodfellas.” On … [Read more...]

Hells Angels Ringleader Sentenced for Federal Crimes

Ringleader of SC Hells Angels Receives 17 Years for Federal Crimes The leader of the infamous Rock Hill Hells Angels branch has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for a laundry list of federal crimes, including money laundering, gun running, drug smuggling, and racketeering and conspiracy. Dan “Diamond Dan” Bifield, 61-years-old, pled guilty to a single count of racketeering conspiracy, often referred to as RICO. However, Bifield has been convicted on dozens of other criminal charges in the past, including being a felon in possession of a … [Read more...]

Five Ringleaders of Rock Hill Hells Angels Sentenced for RICO Crimes

Five Leading SC Hells Angels Sentenced for RICO Crimes The five leading members of the Rock Hill Hells Angels gang were sentenced in federal court for RICO violations on Thursday, May 9th. Richard Thrower was sentenced to 27 months in prison; Frank Enriquez Hill was sentenced to 2 years in prison; and Johanna Looper was sentenced to 15 months in prison. These three Rock Hill Hells Angels were the top of the gang, and orchestrated most of the gang’s drug and gun running activities. Bruce Wilson was sentenced to 18 months in prison, while … [Read more...]