Beanie Babies Creator Sentenced for Tax Evasion

Creator of Beanie Babies Receives Light Sentence in Tax Evasion Case The man who created the popular collectible Beanie Babies has received probation in his tax evasion case. Ty Warner, 69, managed to avoid going to jail on Monday, January 13th. Reportedly, Warner pleaded guilty in October 2013 to the tax evasion charges, after federal investigators discovered that he had avoided paying taxes on $25 million in income by hiding the money in a Swiss bank account. Warner agreed in October to pay $53.6 million as a civil penalty for his tax … [Read more...]

Is the IRS After You?

South Carolina IRS Tax Lawyers Aggressive IRS Criminal Tax Fraud Defense Signs An Indictment for Criminal Tax Fraud is Looming: The IRS Revenue Officer who has been pressing you for payment suddenly disappears and won't return your phone calls. This is not necessarily a stroke of good luck. Instead, he may be back at the office writing up a referral to his friends in the Criminal Investigation Division. The IRS Revenue Agent who has been auditing your tax returnsdisappears for days or weeks. Again, this isn't cause for celebration. … [Read more...]

Fake Medicaid Claims Cost Healthcare Company Over $150 Million

Maxim Healthcare has suffered a multimillion dollar deficit in fines, penalties and reimbursements for their involvement in medical aid fraud. Richard West, a New Jersey Vietnam veteran, helped spur this fraudulent discovery when he noticed his Medicaid benefits were maxed out in 2004, according to the New York Post. After further review of his personal records he later learned that his healthcare provider, Maxim Healthcare, had been billing the government for care he never received. Enraged with the company for trying to make money off … [Read more...]