ZeekRewards Founder Indicted on Federal Charges for Ponzi Scheme

ZeekRewards Founder Faces Federal Charges in North Carolina for Ponzi Scheme

ZeekRewardsThe president and founder of ZeekRewards, a penny exchange website, has been indicted by a grand jury in North Carolina for several federal charges, including wire fraud, mail fraud, and tax fraud, for creating the internet Ponzi scheme.

Paul Burks, 67, is a resident of Lexington, NC. On Friday, October 24th, a federal grand jury indicted Burks on charges of wire and mail fraud conspiracy, wire and mail fraud, and tax fraud conspiracy.

According to the federal Ponzi scheme charges, between January 2010 and August 2012, Burks was the owner of Rex Venture Group, LLC, the company that owned and operated Zeekler, a sham internet-based penny auction website. ZeekRewards was the alleged advertising division. Burks stands accused of defrauding investors involved in his Ponzi scheme, 1,500 of which were in the Charlotte, NC area alone. He falsely reported that Zeekler generated huge profits from penny auctions, and if investors put money into ZeekRewards, then they would get 1.5 times their money back. At one point, Burks claimed that investors would receive as much as 125% of their money back, or 50% per day if they put money into the Retail Profit Pool (RPP).

Burks and his co-conspirators did not, according to the federal charges, keep books and records needed to calculate daily figures, and that Burks simply invented the daily profit numbers, regardless of actual money being made. As with any classic Ponzi scheme, Burks took money from investors to pay off earlier investors.

By August 2012, Burks claimed that the company had over $2.8 billion in profits, but the company actually possessed only $320 million, which all came from victims of the Ponzi scheme.

“In truth and fact, Zeekler’s purported profits were bogus and ZeekRewards operated as a fraudulent Ponzi scheme whereby the co-conspirators used monies from later victim-investors to pay fraudulent returns to earlier victim-investors and to personally enrich themselves,” the indictment says.

“As a result, individual victim-investors filed false tax returns reporting phantom income that they never actually received, and Burks and others were able to use the false tax notices to perpetuate the Ponzi scheme by making it seem legitimate,” the indictment continues.

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