Defendant Pleads Guilty in Real Estate Fraud Case

Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud, Real Estate Fraud, and Other Charges

fraudA former Ohio resident has pleaded guilty to 30 federal charges, including wire fraud and real estate fraud, and has agreed to forfeit $10 million.

Haider Zafar was accused of 135 counts in his indictment of wire fraud, real estate fraud, and tax evasion. Allegedly, between 2008 and 2010, he swindled a Washington DC businessman out of $10 million. He also allegedly cheated some players for the Miami Heat out of millions of dollars.

A witness at Zafar’s trial in August testified that Zafar had defrauded some Miami Heat players, including former forward Mike Miller, and other Florida residents out of $8 million.

A criminal complaint against Zafar, who is a native of Pakistan and legal US resident, alleged that Zafar used questionable documents to solicit funds from a real estate venture in Pakistan. The victim, businessman Patwinder Sidhu, was reportedly told by Zafar that they could buy land in Pakistan and later sell it to the country’s government for a profit. Zafar claimed that his uncle was Pakistan’s defense minister, and would help green-light the real estate venture.

Prosecutors allege that Zafar used his fraudulent millions to lead an opulent lifestyle, and the indictment cited several luxury cars, diamonds, watches, and other expensive luxury items.

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