Woman Sentenced for Embezzling from Homeless Charity

Former CFO Sentenced for Embezzling $440,000 from Charleston Homeless Charity On Tuesday, September 30th, the former CFO of a Charleston-area homeless charity, Crisis Ministries, was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison after being found guilty of embezzling money from the group for almost a decade. Carol Libby, 56 years old, was found guilty of embezzling $440,000 from Crisis Ministries over a period of 7 years. The nonprofit was the largest homeless charity in South Carolina, but has since changed its name to One-Eighty Place, and still … [Read more...]

BitCoin Entrepreneurs Plead Guilty to Federal Charges for Illegal Money Transfer Business

Two BitCoin Operators Plead Guilty to Federal Charges for Illegal Money Transfer Business Two major players in the BitCoin craze – a NYC-based BitCoin company, and a Florida-based BitCoin exchanger – have pleaded guilty to federal charges for operating unlicensed money transfer businesses, which allowed the internet currency to be funneled back into the black market website, the Silk Road. Charlie Shrem, 24, pleaded guilty to federal charges for aiding and abetting the operations of an unlicensed money transfer business, and Robert Faiella, … [Read more...]

3 Men Guilty of Federal Fraud Charges for Defrauding Shaw Air Force Base

Three Men Plead Guilty to Federal Fraud Charges for Defrauding Shaw Air Force On Wednesday, October 1st, three men who had construction contracts with Shaw Air Force Base pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges that they committed contractor fraud. James Autry "Audi" Clemens, 60, of Johnston; Larry Baker, 64, of Cameron; and Steven Crandall, 59, of Salisbury, N.C., pleaded guilty to charges of theft of government funds, and one count of money laundering, in connection with the fraud scheme. Reportedly, the men inflated the costs of … [Read more...]

Beauty Queen Faces Fraud Charges Again

Beauty Queen’s Acquittal Overturned and Fraud Charges Trail Continues The 9th Circuit overturned a lower court judge’s ruling on a beauty queen’s acquittal on insurance and mail fraud charges, which claim the woman defrauded her insurance company of $123,000 while her mansion was undergoing repairs. Former Miss Montana Christin Didier was convicted by a jury in 2013 on insurance and mail fraud charges, as well as conspiracy, for collecting $123,000 from her home insurers, the Chubb Group, while her 110-year-old mansion underwent repairs for … [Read more...]

Racketeering Lawsuit Filed Over Failed Health Care Website

Oregon Files False Statements and Racketeering Lawsuit Against Company for Failed Health Care Exchange Site On Friday, August 22nd, the state of Oregon filed a racketing lawsuit against Oracle America, Inc, and several of the technology company’s executes, which included charges of racketeering, false statements, and fraud, over failed health care exchange site. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a 126-page racketeering and fraud lawsuit in Marion County court, alleging that Oracle fraudulently induced the state and its health … [Read more...]

Ex-Banker Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud, Other Charges

Ex-Banker, Presumed Dead, Pleads Guilty to Multiple Bank Fraud Charges A former banker from Georgia, who disappeared for two years and was declared dead before being discovered, pleaded guilty to 17 counts of bank fraud, securities fraud, and wire fraud, on Thursday, June 5th. Price was indicted by the Southern District of Georgia and the Eastern District of New York after he successfully defraud dozens of investors and a bank. Now that he has pleaded guilty to the federal charges, Price faces up to 30 years in prison, plus millions of … [Read more...]

Defendant Pleads Guilty in Real Estate Fraud Case

Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud, Real Estate Fraud, and Other Charges A former Ohio resident has pleaded guilty to 30 federal charges, including wire fraud and real estate fraud, and has agreed to forfeit $10 million. Haider Zafar was accused of 135 counts in his indictment of wire fraud, real estate fraud, and tax evasion. Allegedly, between 2008 and 2010, he swindled a Washington DC businessman out of $10 million. He also allegedly cheated some players for the Miami Heat out of millions of dollars. A witness at Zafar’s trial in … [Read more...]

10 Facts to Consider When the SEC Knocks

As we have repeatedly told you, speaking with an investigator before talking to your attorney is never a good idea regardless of your innocence. There is a lot at state if you are under investigation for criminal fraud. Consider the following: 1. Federal criminal investigations are conducted by the U.S. Attorney's Office and the grand jury.   A Federal criminal investigation may or may not occur simultaneously with an SEC investigation. 2. Generally, you client can assert your Fifth Amendment privilege against … [Read more...]