Cathedral Bible College Founder Pleads Guilty to Federal Fraud Charges

Cathedral Bible College Founder Pleads Guilty in Federal Court to Immigration and Other Federal Fraud Charges The founder of the Cathedral Bible College, Reginald Wayne Miller, has pleaded guilty in federal court to numerous federal fraud charges, including violation of labor laws and visa fraud. The 65-year-old former preacher has pleaded guilty to four felony charges for forcing foreign students on his “campus” to work for low or no wages, or face deportation. Specifically, Miller pleaded guilty to two felony charges of visa fraud, a form … [Read more...]

Bank Employee Charged with Embezzlement and Forgery

Former Bank Employee in North Carolina Faces Embezzlement and Forgery Charges A former employee of the Fifth Third Bank in Lincolnton, NC has been arrested and charged with embezzlement and forgery after taking money from a customer’s account and blaming the fraud on another customer. Jeffrey Dean Etchison, Jr, 33 years old, reportedly forged a savings account slip and withdrew about $2,000 from an elderly victim’s savings account. Ten days after the fraudulent withdrawal, the elderly customer reported that money had been stolen from his … [Read more...]

Former Homeless Ministry Official Faces Embezzlement Charges

Former Charleston Homeless Ministry Official Charged with Embezzlement A former official with the homeless ministry in Charleston, SC has been arrested on embezzlement charges. Carol Libby, 56, from Mount Pleasant, has been charged with embezzling more than $440,000 from taking money from the Crisis Ministry between 2006 and 2013. She has been officially charged with five counts of wire fraud. Libby was fired last summer after she was arrested by Charleston police and charged with breach of trust, a white collar charge that led to the … [Read more...]

Banker Makes First Court Appearance After Embezzlement Arrest

Banker Arrested for Embezzlement Appears in Court for Hearing A banker who disappeared in 2012 was arrested at the end of December on embezzlement charges for defrauding investors of more than $21 million. He made his first court appearance on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. Lee Price, 47 from Lyons, GA, was arrested on Tuesday, December 31st, 2013. He was originally pulled over for a window tint violation in Glynn County. Price was originally held by police for federal authorities on charges of giving a false name, address, or birthdate to a … [Read more...]

Former Athletics Director Will Serve Embezzlement Sentence on Weekends

Former High School Athletics Director Will Serve Embezzlement Sentence on Weekends, Mostly Probation The former athletics director for White Knoll High School who was arrested in 2010 on embezzlement charges has been sentenced to 160 days in jail, and 5 years’ probation. He will serve the jail sentence on weekends, according to reports. Bryan Butz, 49, used a forgotten booster club bank account to steal $112,000 from the school, which was meant for athletics uniforms and other items. The booster club, and other school organizations, wrote … [Read more...]

Former Rep Jesse Jackson Jr Sentenced for Embezzlement in Federal Court

Jackson Receives Federal Embezzlement Sentence On Wednesday, August 14th, former Democratic representative Jesse Jackson, Jr was sentenced on federal court for embezzlement. For stealing $750,000 from his own campaign fund, Jackson received 30 months in prison. Additionally, he will spent another 2 years on supervised release and will serve 500 hours of community service. Jackson’s wife, Sandra Jackson, will serve a year in jail after she pleads guilty to a tax charge related to the embezzlement of funds from her husband’s campaign. The … [Read more...]

Jesse Jackson Jr Asks to Serve Sentence for Embezzlement First

After Embezzlement Ruling, Jackson Jr Asks to Serve Sentence Before Wife On Monday, June 17th, Jesse Jackson Jr asked a federal judge if he could serve his embezzlement prison sentence before his wife, Sandi, for the sake of their children. In February, the couple pled guilty to federal charges of embezzlement. Jackson and his wife took $750,000 from Jackson’s Congressional campaigns over seven years, and reportedly spent the money on living expenses and personal items including fur capes, elk heads, and stuffed animals. “For years I … [Read more...]