When $10,000 Results in a South Carolina Money Laundering Charge

South Carolina Money Laundering Charge Defense Attorneys A South Carolina Money Laundering Charge is a serious crime with serious consequences.  A  money laundering allegation typically appears combined with other allegations, including a drug crimes charge, fraud, or an allegation that the accused person has obtained money or other property illegally. South Carolina money laundering charges are more common than you think. As recently as Tuesday, June 10th, a South Carolina business owner  was indicted on federal charges for running an … [Read more...]

Man Sentenced for Sending Ricin Letters to President

Man Receives Federal Sentence for Sending Ricin Letters to President Obama After extensive wrangling with his plea deal, James Everett Dutsche was sentenced on Tuesday, May 20th, to 25 years in federal prison, after a one year trial, for sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama. The 42-year-old Dutsche was a martial arts instructor before his arrest. Prosecutors said that he attempted to frame another man for the ricin letters, which he sent to the president, a senator, and a judge. He changed his story several times in the last week, … [Read more...]

Three More Men Plead Guilty in Jonathan Pinson Federal Kickback Case

Former SC State Trustees Plead Guilty in Federal Kickback Charges Related to Jonathan Pinson’s Case Three men have pleaded guilty to charges related to Jonathan Pinson’s federal kickback trial. The men – Lancelot Wright, Robert Williams, and Phillip Mims – pleaded guilty on Wednesday, November 6th, in a federal court in Charleston, SC. Prosecutors allege that the three falsified invoices and used loans for purposes other than what they were intended for, part of which was to purchase land in Jonathan Pinson’s federal … [Read more...]

Securities Firm Investigation Turns Up New Federal Charges

Defendant in Securities Firm Investigation Receives New Federal Charges A Greenville-based attorney faces new federal charges related to the investigation of a South Carolina securities firm. On June 19th, the state grand jury indicted Frederick Scott Pfeiffer, the lawyer for former securities firm Capital Investment Funding, on one count each of conspiracy and forgery. He already faces federal charges for criminal conspiracy, five counts of securities fraud, forgery, perjury and false swearing for his alleged involvement in the business … [Read more...]