Hollywood Drama Leads to Wire Fraud Charges

Famous Director’s Former Accuser Now Faces Wire Fraud Charges The man who accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexual abuse when he was a teenager, and who later dropped the personal injury lawsuit, has now been charged with securities and wire fraud after investigators found that he was running a fraudulent investment scheme. On Tuesday, December 31st, a grand jury in Charlotte, NC indicted Michael Francis Egan III, 32 years old, for wire fraud and securities fraud in the business operation which ran from 2007 to 2012. Egan allegedly … [Read more...]

Ex-Banker Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud, Other Charges

Ex-Banker, Presumed Dead, Pleads Guilty to Multiple Bank Fraud Charges A former banker from Georgia, who disappeared for two years and was declared dead before being discovered, pleaded guilty to 17 counts of bank fraud, securities fraud, and wire fraud, on Thursday, June 5th. Price was indicted by the Southern District of Georgia and the Eastern District of New York after he successfully defraud dozens of investors and a bank. Now that he has pleaded guilty to the federal charges, Price faces up to 30 years in prison, plus millions of … [Read more...]

Investment Manager in Jail for Securities Fraud Released After 5 Days

Notorious Investment Firm Manager Released from Jail After 5 Days Served for Securities Fraud Former Investment Firm Manager Arthur Field, who pleaded guilty to securities fraud charges in May, was released from jail a mere five days after he reported for his sentence. On Wednesday, October 16th, 60-year-old Field was released from prison after the state attorney general filed a motion asking the court to reconsider Field’s securities fraudsentence. Field began dissolving his firm in 2008, and shortly thereafter became the target of … [Read more...]

US Charges 7 People with Securities Fraud in Biofuels Scam

Three Companies and Seven People Charged by US Government for $100 Million Securities Fraud Scam in Biofuel Business On Wednesday, September 18th, federal prosecutors announced that a former Henry County, Indiana biofuel company’s owners and executives, along with two execs from a New Jersey biofuels company, would be charged with securities fraud for false claims regarding biofuels taxes and legislation. Allegedly, the biofuel scam cheated victims out of $100 million total. The securities fraud allegations are the largest in Indiana’s … [Read more...]

Securities Firm Investigation Turns Up New Federal Charges

Defendant in Securities Firm Investigation Receives New Federal Charges A Greenville-based attorney faces new federal charges related to the investigation of a South Carolina securities firm. On June 19th, the state grand jury indicted Frederick Scott Pfeiffer, the lawyer for former securities firm Capital Investment Funding, on one count each of conspiracy and forgery. He already faces federal charges for criminal conspiracy, five counts of securities fraud, forgery, perjury and false swearing for his alleged involvement in the business … [Read more...]