Sweepstakes Operators Plead Guilty to Illegal Gambling Operation

Sweepstakes Ring Owners Plead Guilty to Federal Charges for Multistate Illegal Gambling Operation A South Carolina-based sweepstakes ring run by a father and son team, which sold sweepstakes machines to over 600 internet cafes across the country, has been busted by federal authorities, and the operators have pleaded guilty to illegal gambling charges. Bobby G. Moseley, from Townville, SC, and his son-in-law, J. Michael Caldwell of Williamston, SC, pleaded guilty to federal charges related to the illegal gambling operation, which spanned … [Read more...]

Illegal Gambling Trial Defendants Sentenced for Crimes

The Parkers and Associate Receive Sentences for Illegal Gambling Operation After five hours of deliberation in September, a jury found Brett Parker, his father Jack Parker, and their business associate Douglas E. Taylor, guilty of operating an illegal gambling ring in the Columbia and Irmo areas. Now, Judge Cameran McGowan has issued sentenced for the group’s illegal gambling operations. Jack Parker will spend five months in community confinement, five months under house arrest, and will pay $3,000 in fines. His associate, Taylor, has … [Read more...]

Gambling Machine Hackers Cleared of Federal Charges

Hackers Who Broke Into Gambling Machines Cleared of Federal Charges Two gambling hackers who took advantage of a software bug in modern gambling machines have been cleared of federal charges just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays. On Friday morning, November 21st, a federal judge cleared John Kane, 55, and Andre Nestor, 42, of all federal charges, including wire fraud and computer fraud. The two were arrested in July 2009 at the Silverton Casino Lodge in Las Vegas for hacking into some of the video poker machines to win a small fortune. … [Read more...]

Victim Tammy Parker May Have Helped Run Illegal Gambling Operation

Brett Parker’s Late Wife Budgeted for His Illegal Gambling Money, Prosecutors Say As the federal trial against Brett Parker’s illegal gambling operation moves forward, some evidence suggests that Tammy Jo Parker, Parker’s late wife whom he was recently convicted for murdering, may have known about the business, and could have participated in it. The evidence in question is the Parkers’ household budget, handwritten on calendars by Tammy Parker, with a line item to allegedly factor in her husband’s winnings from his illegal gambling … [Read more...]