US Charges 7 People with Securities Fraud in Biofuels Scam

Three Companies and Seven People Charged by US Government for $100 Million Securities Fraud Scam in Biofuel Business On Wednesday, September 18th, federal prosecutors announced that a former Henry County, Indiana biofuel company’s owners and executives, along with two execs from a New Jersey biofuels company, would be charged with securities fraud for false claims regarding biofuels taxes and legislation. Allegedly, the biofuel scam cheated victims out of $100 million total. The securities fraud allegations are the largest in Indiana’s … [Read more...]

Defendants in Illegal Gambling Trial Found Guilty

Illegal Gambling Operators Including Brett Parker Found Guilty, Await Sentencing After five hours of deliberation, a jury found the three defendants in South Carolina’s federal illegal gambling case guilty. Judge Cameron McGowan Currie will sentence Brett Parker, his father Jack, and business associate Douglas E. Taylor, in three months. Meanwhile, Brett Parker will remain in prison, serving his life sentence for the double homicide of his wife, Tammy Jo Parker, and business associate and family friend Bryan Capnerhurst. As part of his … [Read more...]

First Witness in Federal Illegal Gambling Trial Testifies

First Witness in Brett Parker Illegal Gambling Operation Trial Says He Gave Money to Parker’s Wife A gambler who placed bets with Brett Parker’s illegal gambling ring testified to a federal jury on Monday, September 16th, that he handed his gambling money to Brett Parker’s wife, Tammy. Harold “Hal” Saxby started placing bets with Brett Parker after the two met at a fantasy football draft in 2006. Saxby testified that he lost somewhere between $100,000 and $130,000 to Parker’s illegal gambling operation over the years, and to settle those … [Read more...]

Ohio Mom Faked Son’s Illness in Cancer Scam

Single Mother from Ohio Charged with Felony Child Endangerment for Using Son in Cancer Scam An Ohio woman has been arrested on child endangerment charges for using her son as part of a cancer scam that landed her with money and gifts from generous online donors, according to police. Emily Creno-King, 31, allegedly pretended to friends, family, and anonymous benefactors online through Facebook, that her 4-year-old son JJ had cancer and was undergoing treatment. According to the felony child endangerment charges, she shaved his head, made him … [Read more...]

Brett Parker Federal Illegal Gambling Trial Begins

Illegal Gambling Trial for Irmo Bookie, His Father, and a Third Employee Begins on September 15th Brett Parker’s federal illegal gambling trial began Monday, September 15th. His father, Jack Parker, and a third bookie named Douglas E. Taylor, are also defendants in the trial. Parker has already received life in prison after being convicted of the double homicide of his wife, Tammy Jo Parker, and his friend/business parker, Bryan Capnerhurst. However, that trial was for state-level criminal charges. The upcoming trial is for federal illegal … [Read more...]

19 People Arrested in Gun Smuggling Bust, 8 From SC

Eight of the Suspects Arrested in Gun Smuggling Bust from South Carolina According to reports, six men and two women are among the 19 suspects arrested as part of New York City’s largest gun smuggling bust in history. Reports state that the operation funneled more than 200 illegal firearms from South Carolina and North Carolina to illegal arms dealers in New York City. Officials stated, after the bust on Monday, August 19th, that the operation is one of many pervasive black market gun smuggling operations, in which cheap firearms from the … [Read more...]

NJ Woman Sentenced in Cancer Fraud Case

Cancer Fraudster Pleads Guilty, Receives Sentence A New Jersey woman, who faked terminal bladder cancer for profit, received her sentence for fraud and theft on Friday, August 16th. She pleaded guilty to charges of theft by deception in May of this year. The Burlington County judge who sentenced Lori E. Stilley called the cancer fraud scam “despicable,” and the pain and heartache she caused her family “unspeakable.” "I have never heard of such an outrageous thing," Superior Court Judge James W. Palmer Jr told Stilley, who sat impassively … [Read more...]

Mob Boss Sentenced for Racketeering and Murder

Infamous Whitey Bulgar Trial Finally Ends with Conviction for Racketeering and Murder On Monday, August 12th, infamous Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulgar was found guilty of RICO violations, racketeering and murder of 11 people in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Bulgar, 83 years old, was found guilty on several federal counts including racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, extortion, money laundering, narcotics distribution conspiracy, and illegal firearms charges. His 16-year run from the law and 7-week trial exposed the depths of FBI … [Read more...]

Walmart Employee Embezzled $10,000 from Company

Former Employee at Rock Hill Walmart Embezzled $10,000 A former Walmart loss prevention manager has been charged with breach of trust and fraud after she reportedly embezzled more than $10,000 from the Rock Hill store where she worked. Last month, asset protection manager David Lyle Boulevard told police that he had been conducting an internal investigation into another loss prevention manager. His investigation had found that the other manager had created fictitious refunds and routed the money to a prepaid Mastercard, which was used … [Read more...]

Illegal Gambling Operation Judge Hears Motions in Trial

Judge Rules on Motions in Illegal Gambling Operation Trial Against Brett Parker The man who received life in prison for the double homicide of his wife and best friend/business partner appeared in court again for federal charges related to his illegal gambling operation, which he allegedly ran with his father. Several motions have been filed in the federal illegal gambling operation case against Brett Parker and his father, Jack. On Thursday, August 8th, Judge Cameron Currie ruled on several of them. Defense attorneys filed a motion that … [Read more...]