Smartphone Apps can now Spy on Users’ Calls and Texts

Smartphone Apps Spying Companies like Facebook and Yahoo! are using free smartphone apps to track and spy on their users’ text messages, intercept calls, and it even track locations according to an article published in the daily mail. Many people may feel this violates their privacy; however, app companies defend their right to engage in such activity because their actions are written in the terms and conditions tied to the app, when the app is downloaded. Facebook says even though their users have agreed to let the company read users’ … [Read more...]

Breast Implant Saves a Life?

Breast implants are credited with saving a South Florida woman’s life after she was attacked with a pocket knife. The 41-year-old woman was attacked by her ex-fiancé’s new girlfriend, 22-year-old Amy Winter. Winter attacked the woman outside of the unidentified male’s Melbourne apartment. Winter first scratched the woman’s car before stabbing the woman repeatedly in the chest. The woman’s new $6,000 saline breast implants protected the knife from entering her heart. The woman received the breast implants three months ago, after breaking up … [Read more...]

Woman Accused of Kidnapping Hoax and $1M in Fraud

The woman accused of a hoax kidnapping in 2009 has now been charged with stealing more than $1 million. The woman, Bonnie Sweeten, took her nine-year-old daughter to Disney World while simultaneously telling investigators the pair had been carjacked and abducted near Philadelphia. It is now alleged that Sweeten, 40, fled to Disney World amongst investigations into her personal finances. Sweeten worked as a paralegal where investigators say she stole money from settlements conducted through her law firm and also opened loans in the name of … [Read more...]

Modern Day “Bonnie and Clyde” Burglarized Home Before Crime Spree

A couple, who has been given the nickname, the “new Bonnie and Clyde”, allegedly stole guns and horse saddles among other things in Utah before embarking on their two-state, 330-mile crime spree, according to authorities. Police issued new charges to Angela Hill and Logan McFarland saying the couple broke into a house in Mount Pleasant Utah on December 28 while a friend distracted the homeowner. These charges are in addition to other charges including an attempted carjacking and other home burglaries. Hill claimed she was kidnapped on … [Read more...]

Man Tries to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner and Microwave Using a One Million Dollar Bill

South Carolina Federal Defense Attorneys A North Carolina man is accused trying to use a fake $1 million bill to pay for his purchases at a Walmart. Michael Anthony Fuller, 53, walked into the Walmart on Lowes Boulevard in Lexington, NC on Nov. 17.  He shopped for a while, picked up a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven and other items that totaled $476, an arrest warrant says. When he got to the register, Fuller gave the cashier the fake one million dollar bill, saying that it was real. The Walmart staff called police. Court records … [Read more...]

Man sought after reported shooting near White House

South Carolina Federal Defense Attorneys Washington, DC- CNN is reporting that Washington police have issued an arrest warrant for a 21-year-old man they say was involved in a recent shooting that occurred between the White House and WashingtonMonument. According to a news release Sunday from the United States Park Police, the suspect, Oscar Ortega, is wanted in connection to Friday night's shooting, which did not lead to any injuries, but did rattle people in a district often full of tourists and government buildings. Police said the … [Read more...]

Defending Mail Fraud

South Carolina Mail Fraud Attorneys Fighting An Allegation of Mail Fraud The United States Code criminalizes, “any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses” involving the U.S. Mail system. The problem with an allegation of mail fraud is that each act committed in a post office of taking out or putting in a letter that furthers the scheme, is a distinct and separate violation.  Accordingly, with a mass mailing, hundreds of violations may have been committed. Defending a … [Read more...]

10 Facts to Consider When the SEC Knocks

As we have repeatedly told you, speaking with an investigator before talking to your attorney is never a good idea regardless of your innocence. There is a lot at state if you are under investigation for criminal fraud. Consider the following: 1. Federal criminal investigations are conducted by the U.S. Attorney's Office and the grand jury.   A Federal criminal investigation may or may not occur simultaneously with an SEC investigation. 2. Generally, you client can assert your Fifth Amendment privilege against … [Read more...]

I Don’t Understand the Federal Sentencing System

ONCE ARRESTED   Every individual who has been charged with a crime is entitled to a reasonable bond. What is considered reasonable depends upon the type of crime committed, whether you are a flight risk, and whether you are a danger to the community. Nobody wants to sit in jail for months or years before the government decides to call his case. We understand that individuals who have been charged with crimes still have family obligations and need to be released on bond in order to effectively assist in preparing for trial. Bond … [Read more...]

Was I Trapped?

South Carolina Entrapment Lawyers In criminal law, entrapment constitutes a law enforcement agent inducing a person to commit an offense that the person would normally not commit. However, entrapment does not exist when a person is ready and willing to break the law and the government agents provides an opportunity for the person to commit the crime. For example, entrapment does not exist if a government agent pretends to be someone else and offers, either directly or through a decoy, an unlawful transaction with the person. That … [Read more...]